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Flange Nuts

Flange Nuts
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Product Code : flange nuts
Product Description

Flange Nuts

Product specification:

Material: A3 Flange low carbon steel , 35K high speed steel wire 45# steel 40CR 35Crmoa

Hardness level:  4 Grade  5Grade  6Grade  8Grade  10Grade  12Grade

Surface treatment: generally divided into color zinc plating, white zinc plating, black zinc plating, and generally cold electroplated zinc!

Main specification M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 ,M20 ,M14 M18 not use usually )

Mode of action

The size of the flange nut and the general hex nut is basically the same as the thread size, but compared with the hex nut, it is the gasket and the nut are integrated, and there is a non-slip tooth pattern below, which increases the nut and the workpiece The surface area of the contact, compared to the combination of ordinary nuts and washers, more firm and greater pull.

General common flange nut specifications are generally below M20, because most of the flange nuts are used on the pipe and flange plate, so the flange nut specifications are less compared with the nuts due to the workpiece constraints. Some of the flange nuts over M20 are mostly flat flanges, which means that there are no tooth marks on the flange surface. Most of these nuts are used in some special equipment and special places. The general sales companies do not have stock.